7 books every trader needs to read (at least once) ….

In my adult age, I started reading a lot, different variety of books, different topics. I really enjoy diving into the minds of writers who dedicated their precious time to writing books that we can surely benefit from. I find books the cheapest way to steal someone’s expertise on the topic you are into for. […]

5 Trading Legends and what we can learn from them?

In trading, one of the most important things to have in mind and know is that there is no holy grail. Your hard work, trading style, money and risk management, and trading psychology are something that can put you ahead of very hard competition in this world. People mentioned in this article are not Gods, […]

Why is my broker trading against me?!

The majority of traders who are either beginning this journey or are on a path that they don’t know well believe that their broker is one of their biggest enemies. Brokers closed out my trades, the broker is taking a contrary position against mine, broker closed my trade and the position went in my favor […]

How to become successful in trading?

And the quote in the picture is giving you the clearest answer there is – DREAM BIG, WORK HARD. Hard work, dedication, practicing on demo. Writing down your thoughts, someone else thoughts, writing down your analysis, or making a To-Do List(one which will tell you when to enter and when not to enter in a trade). […]