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  • Consistent Signals on Daily Basis
  • 76% success rate
  • Entry, take profit & stop loss
  • Ammount to risk per trade
  • Risk reward ratio


  • Everything as in Standard package, plus
  • 1 hour head to head tutorial
  • Strategy presentation
  • Risk management
  • Money management


577 $ PER YEAR
  • Everything as in Premium Package, plus
  • 3 months online training
  • Practice & Guidance
  • Multi Time Frame Analysis
  • Strategy Core Concept


We will provide help by offering comprehensive education from basic to advanced trading techniques so that you can become a consistent trader by using all the tools at your disposal.

Trading Strategy and Algo


One month of strategy training which will give you insights on how a strategy-specific algo is used.



Great for beginner traders and also for those who are in the business and wish to expand their knowledge.

This 3 month workshop is designed to navigate you through trading techniques to a completely new level.



Workshop for traders who are already active on the market. 

Together, we analyze your trading approach and check which sections in your trading style can be upgraded. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this program for?
Program is designed to be suitable for all, from beginners to those who are in the market for years.

Unique approach and style is designed to fit all traders types.

What are the trading styles you teach?
We focus on all trading styles.

The first month of the course is designed for you to learn how to day trade.

Second month is the month your trading will be taken to another level where you will learn how to scalp and swing trade.

Third month is the best for you since you know how to take advantage of all trading styles and use the one which suits you most.

I know how to trade but I am not profitable!
We are sorry to hear that. In such cases, we mainly focus on your RR(Risk Reward Ratio), Money Management and Trading Psychology.

We go deep together in analyzing your trading strategy, style and trades and make a plan on how to continue trading.

Who can use your algos?
Algos are created to be used by traders who wish to simplify their trading activities, including thorough market analysis . That means that algo does the 90% of the job without even requesting your presence in front of the computer. Algo reads market conditions as they are and check all inputs to give you the right signal when the smallest part of the strategy inputted are met.

Once the signal is given, it presents a perfect entry for you on the market.

Do I need previous trading experience in order to use algo?
This is not necessary. It is important to be careful in applying Stop Los and Taking profit levels once a signal is received. Our algo is built for specialized market analysis and does not provide you with indications on when and where to place your TP and SL levels, therefore it would be advisable to join our WISE ACADEMY on how to use the algo in the best way possible.

What makes your algo better than others?
This algo is created by group of experienced traders having more than 10 years’ experience on the market, each. It is based on experience in live trading of our personal accounts. It is made of carefully chosen tools and indicators that are tied together to provide the best entry point.

The advantage of this algo is the ability to search for the most secure currency pair, commodity, or index according to market conditions which provides excellent entry momentum.

Are your algos working on all markets?
Unfortunately no. All of us at Wise Forex Trade are Forex traders. And algos are especially built to analyse Forex market.

But we would like to know if it works on other markets as well. If you are stocks, futures or options trader, please email us on and we will be glad to provide you the algo so you could test it out.

Is there a test period for the algo?
Absolutely yes. Once you get interested in any of our algos and make a purchase, you will get 2 weeks of algo usage for free so you could test it out and see if it suits your trading needs.

Can I cancel at any time?
Of course you can, you get billed monthly for using our algos. So once you decide to cancel your subscription, you will simply need to click on Cancel Subscription in your Dashboard and you will not be billed for the next month.




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